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Our Mission

Our mission is to share with others the joy of owning,

hunting, and competing (in any venue) with one of the

most versatile and intelligent of dogs. To accomplish this,

we are committed to doing our best to breed poodles (aka

"pudels") with the genetic health, physical strength,

structure, and mental soundness necessary to avoid a

complete loss of the very characteristics that have made

them popular in the field, water, other competitive and

fun venues, and as companions.

We have carefully selected our

breeding stock to blend dogs

with retrieve drives, proper

temperament, health (our

breeding dogs are health

tested according to CHIC guidelines), and those with

structural qualities which enable them to work without

undue injury.

While approximately 60% of our puppies' purchasers buy

them solely as companions, we take our goals seriously

and have immersed ourselves in the training (ours and

the dogs) that will prove to a world where survival hunting

has nearly vanished, that retrievers' instincts haven't

(even those of the forgotten retrievers). We are

committed to this effort and to continuing to learn new

methods of training our dogs.

We enjoy (really revel) in working with retrievers. This love

has resulted in multiple Master Hunter poodles for our


Please contact us at pudelpassion@gmail.com if you are

interested in a pup.

9 Things You May Not Know About Poodles See Some of Our Titled Dogs
We have put 39 titles on our poodles. They are highly intelligent, capable dogs who love their people.

Poodles vs. Others

The main reason we chose a poodle was to alleviate allergies in our severely- asthmatic daughter. We owned a pair of Labrador Retrievers when she was young who had to be confined to one room in our home or outside--not the life we wanted for our furry family members. Upon their passings, our research into hypo-allergenic dogs led us to the standard poodle. We are just sorry that we missed years of poodle joy by believing they were anything but sporting dogs. Each one has been everything we hoped for in a retriever and family member. And, they come with the added bonus of no shedding. Owning a poodle will change your opinion too.