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Moshe JH, CHIC

Moshe is a sweet, highly intelligent boy who loves every human he meets. He leads the pack in love, play and discipline. He has wonderful smiles and knows they make us laugh. Sometimes his jowl gets stuck on his teeth which makes us laugh all the more (see picture directly below the text on this page). Life events prevented Richard from training Moshe until he was almost 5 years old. He was entered in AKC Junior hunt tests the weekends of 4/28-29/2018 and 5/26- 5/27/2018 and passed, so he has completed his Junior Hunter title. Moshe is 8 years old and is healthy and going strong. He is a true lover and a great member of the family. Moshe's dam is a French import with no known genetic health problems for 6 generations, according to her owner. His sire, Elvis, along with some of Elvis' littermates, were imported from Russia as pups and to our knowledge, no known genetic health problems have arisen in any of them. Both of his parents are OFA certified. Moshe has a nice, long pelvis, which provides necessary rear power in a working dog. According to UC Davis’ Genetic Diversity testing, Moshe is unrelated to 63.4% of standard poodles. Moshe’s OFA Verification (CHIC 106126) UC Davis Genetic Diversity Results
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