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One Female Available (born 4/1/23)

UCH Regency's Smokin Macanudo CGC, TKN, BN, CD and Maybelle delivered a beautiful litter of pups on 4/1/23. We have one female (shown above) available for placement 5/27/23 or after. Due to airline restrictions, we are no longer able to ship puppies. However, we can drive the pup to the SGU airport if that helps. Otherwise, she needs to be picked up at our home. The pictures above were taken 5/19/23 (1 day shy of 7 weeks). She was temperament tested using the Volhard method, with hunt aptitude tests added in. Her average score is 3.65 (made up of mostly 4s). Volhard considers mostly 4s to be an easily controlled, adaptable puppy whose submissive nature will cause her to look to you for leadership. Having known her for 7 weeks, I would agree with that assessment. When testing for retrieving, she was hesitant at first (they are temperament tested by a stranger), but as she became more comfortable with the tester, she loved it. She is a calm puppy whose favorite thing to do currently is exploring the little pool we have outside for them. She has gotten in it. Her full report card is available. This is a genetically diverse litter, verifiable through the DNA tests performed by UC Davis and compared in BetterBred’s database. Mac and Maybelle are considered “unrelated” and given a Category 10 rating by Better Bred/UC Davis. Mac and Maybelle stand at 26-½ and 26” at the shoulder, respectively (average size is 25” for males and 24” for females). Mac is a perfect match, in so many ways, for our gentle girl, Maybelle. In addition to the titles shown before and after Mac’s name above, he has passed his therapy dog tests (except he has to perform 35 hospital or nursing home visits before he can be titled--can’t now due to Covid. Currently, all pups are brown, with some possibly becoming cafe au lait or silver beige adults. She has a white spot low on her chest. Both parents are CHIC qualified (meaning they have passed the genetic tests recommended for the breed). Genetic test results are quantifiable on OFA's site for Maybelle and for Mac. Maybelle’s pups have both their dew claws and their natural tails. Please contact us if you are interested in our little boy.