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Inbreeding depression, which has occurred in abundance within our breed (and others) for years, has lead to a steady decline in functions that have compromised the health and vitality of our breed. The Institute of Canine Biology has a lot of great information about all of this. Thanks to UC Davis, standard poodle breeders now have the tools available to make truly responsible decisions when selecting breeding pairs. Both parents have been DNA tested by UC Davis and their results have been entered into Better Bred. The resultant litter summary is available upon request. While probably 90% of Sky’s pups will be on the smaller side of average as adults, outcrossing for health removes consistency in size. Misha, the silver poodle in the center of the picture to the left, is an example of the maximum size. Titan has a lot of larger poodles in his maternal line, and that gene occasionally carries to his progeny. He also has longevity. As of this writing, Titan is two months away from his 16th birthday (although, truth be told, he is fragile and we are not convinced he will make it to 16). Sky, Titan’s grandaughter, loves being outdoors with us, but she is also content to lay around the house. She is beyond precious in nature, and we are very proud to call her ours. We totally trust her with people (although she has not been around young children much--she’s convinced they are aliens). Noah is a very active boy who can run all day, while revelling in quiet time at night. At 8 years old, people still think he is a puppy. He loves Nose work. All pups from this breeding will be black, blue or silver as adults. Silvers and blues are born black, gradually fading to their adult color by 3 years of age. Genetic test results are quantifiable on OFA's site for Sky and Noah. You can learn more about each of them by clicking on their individual pages at Sky and Noah. Here are pictures of one of their hunting pups: