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MHR, WR, SR Titan, WC, JH,


Am/Can Champion Pinafore Diamond Boulevardier (Titan's sire) and Tiara (Titan's hunting mom) together met all of our requirements for parents of a foundation sire for our kennel (we aren't really a kennel, but a home). We couldn't be happier with the product of that breeding, Titan. Titan is a fun-loving, warm-spirited dog who masks his intelligence with play. Despite his playful nature, he can be quite serious when expected to be. This fact allowed him to achieve his Master Hunting Retriever title with NAHRA on 3/17/2012 (he was the 2nd poodle to have attained this level of proficiency with NAHRA). (It is important to note that NAHRA differs from both AKC and HRC in that they sponsor field trials which require the dog to pass trailing, quartering, and sit-to-the-flush tests, in addition to the land and water marks/blinds required in hunt tests. Thus, receiving an advanced title with NAHRA really says something about the dog. Poodles are unable to compete in field tests with AKC because they are not in the Sporting Group.) Titan was 11 years old February 2018. He is retired from hunt tests and our breeding program and enjoys leisurely days in the shade, watching us work around the ranch (shown left below with Bear; picture taken 6/04/2018). Titan’s OFA Verification (CHIC 56328) UC Davis Genetic Diversity Results
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